Animating the slides can make them stand out, but do not go overboard.  You do not want people watching the animation rather than listening to what you have to say.  If the animations have a purpose then I’m all for them.  They will make your visual aids more effective and more memorable.  But do not animate just for the sake of animation.

In particular, the repetitive use of the more flashy animations that are standard functionality of modern presentation software is more likely to irritate than enhance your presentation.  Each new slide, sliding in to view from a different direction, or each bullet point spiralling down to its position on the slide, adds nothing to the content and distracts people from what you are saying.

Just because the software provides the facility does not mean you need to keep using it! My particular pet hate in this area is the slide transitions provided by PowerPoint. “Appear” is just fine, you do not need any of the others.

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