What you should wear when giving a presentation all depends on the nature of the presentation and the dress of the audience.

Given that you are your single biggest visual aid in getting your message across, it is important that you look good.

When you look out of place it will affect how well your message is taken.  Although many businesses have a dress down policy, if you are presenting to a business audience, it is usually advisably for a man to wear a suit and tie and ladies to wear a suit or similar business attire.  Shoes should be polished, as it is surprising how much is assumed about a business person, based on the state of their footwear.

When addressing a group of factory workers, who are all dressed in overalls and whose behaviour you would like to influence, then a more casual appearance may be beneficial.  You will appear less like one of the managers and more like one of the team.  Every situation is different but there is never an excuse for not caring about your appearance.

In Britain, many men take the view that what they look like should not matter.  Looking different from others is just part of their eccentricity.  Being eccentric is fine, being lazy is not.

If you feel good in the clothes that you are wearing, it will help to boost your confidence.

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