Elsewhere, I have made a big play on not letting your audience get ahead of you.  And I stand by this 100%.

Do not take people in a straight line from start to finish, they will want to jump ahead of you.  The opposite is also true.  Your presentation should not be full of surprises and non-sequiturs.  Your presentation needs to take people along with it, so you do not want to jump from one subject to another.  It is preferable to take then on a gently meandering course.  Some signposts which point people in the direction you are going are always helpful.

Split the presentation up to make it easier for people to follow and understand.  Each new section will reawaken their interest if it has started to flag.  Use verbal signposts e.g. ‘Which leads me on to …’  ‘Now we will ….’ to smooth out the transitions between one sub-topic and the next.

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