Tongue Tied

Even the most experienced presenter sometimes gets their words mixed up, finds that they just can not say a particular word or that when they try to say a phrase gibberish comes out of their mouth.  If this happens to you, do not worry.  You can make light of it with a humorous remark such as ‘I must remember to put my brain in gear before engaging my mouth.’, ‘Sorry I’ll try that again’, or ‘Has anyone got a set of teeth that work?’ while miming the removal of your false teeth.

World leaders need to be very careful what they say as every word and aspect of their presentation will be disected and analysed by reporters and commentators around the world. This is why many of them rely on speech writers and autocue for their presentations. Thankfully most people giving a business presentation are not subjected to such rigourous analysis, so the odd slip up will probably pass unnoticed. When you make a mistake, or get tongue tied just laugh it off and carry on.

Reciting some tongue twisters may help reduce the occurence of being tongue tied.

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