Variety is the spice of life and the key to a good presentation.

For anyone who has used the first section of the M1 as it heads out of London will know this long straight road is probably the most boring road in England.  When this first major motorway was created, the designers thought that, as there was no speed limit it would be safest if there were no bends.  So the motorway is dead straight and you can see for miles ahead.

On a busy Friday evening, coming out of London, all you can see is mile upon mile of brake lights in front of you.  There is little so dispiriting.

Over the years, motorway designers have learnt that sweeping curves make the road more interesting; drivers need to concentrate more and hence are far safer. Also you cannot see that the traffic jam you are in goes on and on for miles and there is always a little spark of optimism that round the next corner the road will free up. So bends are actually safer than straight roads and the journey seem to pass more quickly.

The same is true in a presentation.  Take people on a journey, have the odd diversion and bend, speed up and slow down, you can even stop for a picnic if you like.  All this adds interest to your presentation.

Don’t go in a straight line from A to B and let everyone know where you are going and how you are going to get there. They will all get ahead of you and stop listening while they wait for you to catch up.

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