You the Audience

While much of this blog is about how you should behave when giving a presentation do not forget that the only reason you are there is because of the audience, who are listening to you.  Without an audience, there would be no presentation.

In planning your presentation, it is vital to consider what your audience wants, what they are interested in and why they are listening.  In giving the presentation, you can then make it personal to them.  Try using the words you and yours as often as you can.  Do not present in the third person, it makes it too remote.  You need to get your audience involved, the more involved the better.  Appeal to their emotions, their dreams and aspirations, appeal to their egos and to their wallets.

When you are developing your presentation, try to use the word you and yours 30 times in the first 5 minutes. Not only will the audience like the fact that your presentation is obviously about them, it will make you think about your audience more, as it is impossible to use the words “you” and “yours” 30 times without thinking about the audience.

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2 Responses to You the Audience

  1. This specific blog post, “You the Audience A to Z
    of Business Presentations” shows the fact that u actually comprehend just what exactly you r speaking about!
    I completely agree. Thanks ,Nell

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