January 5, 2010

Some people will find it helpful to write out a full script of what they are going to present, in order to organise their thoughts and plan their presentation.  Whatever you do, do not try using that script to support you while you give the talk.  

Scripts do not work well as speaker’s notes.

One of the problems of writing a script and them memorising it is that you rarely talk the same ways as your write.  By only having bullet points to remind you of the key topics, you will find that you use your own natural conversational language rather than the more staid language you use when writing a formal document.

Secondly, it is very difficult to find your place in a script.  As soon as you deviate from the script, you will find it very difficult to find your place a start using it again.

Thirdly, if you are reading from a script, you will not be able to maintain eye contact with your audience.

For supporting the giving of a presentation I recommend using Cue Cards, See the earlier section entitled ‘Cue Cards’

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