Presentation Training Courses

I run Presentation Training Courses in South East England.

These courses teach you how to talk so that other people listen.

Here are a list of the dates and locations of my up coming public courses:

Effective Business Presentations Courses:

Business Presentation Skills Training Courses for 2015

Location Day Date
Reading Tues 3rd February 2015
Wed 22nd April 2015
Wed 3rd June 2015
Guildford Wed 14th January 2015
Tues 14th April 2015
Oxford Wed 4th March 2015
Thurs 21st May 2015
Heathrow Tue 21st March 2015
Slough Thurs 19th March 2015
Basingstoke Tues 12th May 2015
Central London Thurs 19th Feb 2015
Thurs 18th June 2015


My First Business Presentation

Location Day Date
Reading Thurs 26th March 2015
Guildford Tues 19th May 2015
Oxford Tues 23rd June 2015

To reserve a place please call me on 01276 502257 or you can book online.Click on location name to see a map and directions for how to get there.

For more information on the content of these courses visit my presentation training website.

I  also run courses on how to give an effective technology demonstration.

For further information please look at my demonstration workshop page.


2 Responses to Presentation Training Courses

  1. michelle matthews says:

    I’m starting a course on how to start up your own buisness, at the end of the 12 weeks we are asked to give a presentation to how our buisness is going to be a success. Would you please give me some advise on giving a presentation as I have never done one before. Kind regards Michelle Matthews

    • youngmarkets says:


      To start with, don’t worry about it! Most people get nervous when they have to give a presentation, it only natural to be nervous. So, if you are nervous, congratulate your self on doing it right, and then just get on with it. After all, your audience will all be people you know and who have become friends over the 12 weeks. You could no doubt talk to them all individually about your business without getting nervous, in fact you probably already have.

      As to the content and structure of your presentation, ask yourself what will the other people on the course want to hear from you? Why would they want to listen?

      I suggest that you start with an engaging opening remark, maybe paraphrase Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I have a dream”.

      I don’t know what your business is but if it were a florist you could start by saying “I have a dream that everyone, all the lovers, all the housewives, all the people who would like to thank someone, all the interior designers, all the new start up businesses, will be able to give my flowers to someone and brighten up their day, to say thank you, and to make the world a nicer place to live.”
      Then tell them how you are going to make this possible. Use examples of things that you have learnt on the course. For example, how you are going to define your target market, and how you are going to attract them to buy your products and services. What will make your business stand out from all the others.

      Then at the end of the presentation tell your class mates how they could utilise your products or services to help them either in their start up business or in their personal lives. You may even get your first customer from someone who has been on the course with you.
      I hope this has helped, I know it is only a short answer but if you would like to discuss it further send me an email to graham “at” and I’d be happy to help.

      I wish you every success with your course and your business.

      Graham Young

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