Powerful Phrases and Words

January 5, 2010

In the same way that using a monotone dreary voice with no energy or power is a recipe for disaster, so can your choice of words.  The English language contains many words some are passive but others are powerful, emotive words.

By using these powerful emotive words, you can supercharge your presentation.  Probably the most powerful word is ‘you’.  It may not sound particularly powerful but if you maximise the use of the word ‘you’ throughout your presentation, you will gain a far better response.

Do not present in the third party, it makes it very remote.  You should try to involve your audience in your presentation and by using the word ‘you’, that is exactly what you are doing.

Try inserting the word “you” 30 times in the first 5 minutes of your talk. I guarantee your audience will like your presentation. Why? Firstly, it is because people like it when you talk about them.  Secondly, it is impossible to use the word “you” that many times with out thinking about the “you” you are referring to, and the more you think about your subject from the audience’s perspective the better your presentation will be.

There are many other powerful words including:

Discover          Easy                Guaranteed    

Free                 Love                Benefit           

New                Proven             Results                       

Safely              Saving                Time               

For example:

Here’s how you will benefit.

You will discover how you can….. safely and easily.

By discovering the safe, proven techniques in this blog, you are guaranteed to give presentations that are more effective and that will benefit both you and your audience..

By giving Effective Business Presentations, you can save time and money and your manager will love you.

People like being in control. That is why most people like buying things but hate being sold to. All good sales people like to give their clients the impression that the client is controlling the whole sales process, when in fact the sales person is really in control. The same is true with presentations, if you can let your audience feel in control, that you are helping them to discover things rather than telling them how it should be, your presentation will be more effective.

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