Way that you say it

January 5, 2010

It ain’t what you say it’s the way that you say it.  That’s what gets results.’

Hopefully by reading this far you have realised the truth in this statement.  While it is true that the words you use are important, far more so than the 7% quoted by some presentation trainers, the way that you say those words can have far more impact.

Here is a little exercise for you.  Everyone knows what the word ‘Yes’ means don’t they?  Surely, it is just a positive acknowledgement.  But in everyday conversation, we use the word ‘yes’ to convey a lot more than just that.  

Try saying the word ‘yes’ to mean the following:

  • Yes – I agree
  • Yes – If you say so
  • Yes – I’d love to
  • Yes – Do you understand?
  • Yes – Tell me more
  • Yes – That’s surprising
  • Yes – I’m really not listening to a word you say
  • Yes – No

No doubt, you can think of even more meanings behind the way the word ‘Yes’ can be said.

Hopefully, that little exercise has proven to you that it is not just the words that you use that forms the communication, it is a lot to do with how you say those words as well.

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